If you were a member of Art Gallery 71 in Rhinebeck, NY you would be

Selling yor art work with no commission on a sale.

Your work could be hanging on the Gallery walls, available to viewing by the public all month, every month.

You would be entitled to a month’s long featured artist show in rotation with other gallery members.

Your featured show would include a reception and advertising in print and digital media.

You would be associated with a group of juried, committed and accomplished artists and participate in a variety of gallery activities intended to raise awareness of having local artists enriching our community life and enrich the experience of those who visit Rhinebeck.

Enjoy affordable and easily managed responsibilities.

There are multiple affordable ways to participate in Art Gallery 71. For more information see Call For Artists on this website, contact us at http://www.Art, or visit 71 East Market St., Rhinebeck, NY 12572.

Art Gallery 71,

71 East Market St., Rhinebeck, NY

Hours: Friday-Saturdays, noon-6, Sundays and holiday Mondays, 10-4