Call for Artists

On November 16, 2019, a new cooperative art gallery, Art Gallery 71, opened at 71 Market Street East, #5 in the heart of Rhinebeck!

The Gallery accommodates 18 floor to ceiling art display sections about 4 feet wide +/-. Five lease signing members, (Richard Chianella, Trevor Hunter, Evelyn LaStella, Wendy Sheasby and Alix Travis) have committed to underwriting the gallery and we are seeking additional artist members as members.

Why Join Us?

  • With the influx of new residents and tourists and the opening of the new Mirbeau Spa/Hotel the art buying traffic in Rhinebeck is increasing
  • We have six committed lease signers taking on the obligation to make up any shortfall in rent to ensure the gallery will remain open/in business for the first year so there is no risk you will pay dues but not have display opportunity
  • There will be NO commission on sold art
  • There will be NO enforced down time (if you are paid you are always up)
  • A display space rotation around the gallery will be employed to ensure fairness
  • There are multiple monthly membership options to fit your needs and budget
  Duties/ Entitlements Full Display Space Membership Half Display Space Membership Sponsor (Non-Sitting Full Space Membership) Six Lease Signers
Start- up/initiation fee One-time non- refundable $125 one time $125 one time $125 one time $125 one time PLUS will each lend up to $175 in additional start up fees which will be returned as members are added
Monthly Membership Fee per calendar month $125 $75 $200 $125 PLUS will make up shortfall due to membership vacancies up to an additional $216 in a given month
Display Space Allotted 1 floor to ceiling space approx. 4 +/- feet wide ½ space (either top or bottom half of one floor to ceiling space) approx.. 4 +/- feet wide 1 floor to ceiling space approx. 4 +/- feet wide 1 floor to ceiling space approx. 4 +/- feet wide PLUS use of other available space in months when covering shortfall from membership vacancies (if that occurs)
Opportunity to display/sell work Every month with no required down time (as long as fees are paid).
Work shown on Gallery Website Yes, with link to the artist’s personal website if desired
Hanging own work/prep and clean up Required Required Not Required Required
Gallery sitting and other Gallery tasks Required Required Not Required Required

More Information

See Membership Agreement for more detailed information and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you are interested in showing your art and joining in this exciting venture please contact us with 3-4 digital images of your work and your website via email to