Call for Artists

On November 16, 2019, Art Gallery 71, a new cooperative art gallery opened at 71 Market Street East, in the heart of Rhinebeck!

If you were an Art Gallery 71 member …..  

You would be selling your work with no commission charged.

Your work could be hanging on the gallery walls EVERY month, no down time.

You would be the featured artist in a monthly rotation with other members.  As featured artist your work would hang in the large window fronting on the street, plus on a prominent wall space inside.

The Gallery would join you, the featured artist, to host an artist’s reception, inviting the public, the gallery’s friends and supporters.

A selection of your images, artist statement, and a link to your website would appear on your artist page on the Gallery’s website,

The gallery arranges public notices of gallery exhibitions, receptions and other activities in local print and digital media. The Gallery creates gallery cards and tourist contacts, plus sends eblasts to all on the Gallery contact list.

You would be associating with members of the Gallery who are a juried,  interesting and committed group of Hudson Valley artists.

You would be able to choose from an affordable variety of membership arrangements, see below.

Memberships:  Full, Half, Sponsor, Rental, Alternate month membership, Summer

All memberships pay a one time, non refundable startup fee of $125. in addition to membership monthly fee.  A rental is not a membership.

Full:  entitled to a full, floor to ceiling, rotating space, gallery sits in the neighborhood of 6 hours a month, assists in gallery duties, and contributes to reception fare and cleanup. $125.

Half:  entitled to ½ of a floor to ceiling space (about 10 ft.) on a rotating basis (top to bottom) and forward, gallery sits in the neighborhood of 6 hours a month, assists in gallery duties, and contributes to reception fare and cleanup. $75.00

Sponsor:  is not responsible for hanging or gallery sitting but may assist in gallery duties and may contribute to reception fare and cleanups.  Fees vary from $150. for a half space to $200. for a full, floor to ceiling rotating space.

Alternate month membership:  Two artists may share one full space, rotating monthly. Each AMM member is responsible for the same gallery responsibilities as all other members (except Sponsor). Responsibilities include monthly sitting, reception cleanup, gallery job, monthly dues of $100. and startup onetime, nonrefundable fee of $125.

Rental:  Rental spaces may be full or half and are rented month to month depending on availability.  Renters do not gallery sit or have gallery duties; they are not entitled to a Featured Artist exhibition or reception.  Fee: $150. Full space, $100. Half space

Summer: We may also offer a reduced rate summer membership for those that can dedicate more time to gallery sitting during the prime months. If interested, please inquire.

For more detailed information and to answer any questions you may have please contact us at

If you are interested in showing your art and joining in this exciting venture please contact us with 3-4 digital images of your work and your website via email to