Art Gallery 71 member, Alix Hallman Travis is the subject of a feature piece in December, 2019 issue of Living Rhinebeck. Click below to read:

Art Gallery 71 member, Rosalind Tobias was the subject of a memorial feature piece in the April, 202 issue of Living Rhinebeck.

April, 2020. “Featured Artist: Rosalind Tobias

When entering Art Gallery 71, the new visual art space in Rhinebeck, I was struck right away by a cluster of sketches in ink and watercolor that hung high on the wall. Gestural and emotional, these caught my eye and were some of the sophisticated and vulnerable of human depictions I had seen. This was the work of Rosalind Tobias….” Thomas Cale, “Featured Artist: Rosalind Tobias”, Living Rhinebeck, April, 2020, pp. 12-13.