Annette Jaret

Artist Statement

Annette is often presenting still places, scenes of meditation and peace. Nature is always her inspiration though she is not mimicking what she sees, rather manipulating aspects of the scene. Annette captures her surroundings, then cuts and pastes photos into her vision. She works at the intersection of photography, oil painting and collage using cameras and photoshop and, finally, a print on cotton blend paper with archival inks. Annette trained as an oil painter and incorporates that sensitivity into her digital work. From the age of twelve, Annette studied oil painting with Anthony Trujillo and went on to earn a BFA from Pratt Institute. Annette was born in Paris, France and came to the USA at a young age, spending much of her life in Brooklyn, NY, she now makes her home in the Hudson Valley. Annette views art as a window into another world. She will explore a particular theme and then move on when it becomes too familiar, perhaps returning at a later date with fresh ideas.